About Friendly


We are a small church with a big heart. We want to hear from you.
Our purpose is to help people find answers to life, overcome obstacles, be healed (mentally, spiritually, physically), be enriched through a continuous growth both spiritually and personally and to know what it means that God is our father.


  1. We believe in God that one day Friendly Neighborhood church will be a place where people from all walks of life, all corners of the world will gather to seek and find God, his blessings, his healing, spiritually, mentally and physically. Where lives and relationships will be changed, renewed, restored and set free from addictions, issues and confusion, where people will continue to grow through wisdom and understanding.
  2. We believe in God that Friendly Neighborhood church will be a place of awesome music that delights God and all of his creation. A place where we sing a new song unto the Lord! 
  3. We believe in God that one day Friendly Neighborhood Church will be a place where people become inspired to go out into the world and share the good news of Jesus Christ.

A Word From Our Pastor

Hello everyone! 

As humans we all have needs, either spiritual or real physical needs. 

I am looking for God to move in our lives and I am looking for people who are seeking the same. 

At FNC we pray, we praise, we worship, we share, we fellowship, we study the word of God, we support each other.

In the old days you called it a revival, meaning earnestly seeking and waiting on the Lord, not ceasing until a breakthrough has been "achieved".

Everyone is welcome to join us in this quest.