Friendly Neighborhood

Why Believe?

Everybody believes in something, even if they believe in nothing. 

Believe in yourself? That helps to some degree. Believe in a higher power? Maybe.

Is there a higher power? Not sure?

What if? And what if that power is a person that created you and loved you like nothing else?

What Do We Believe?

We believe and teach the Good News of Jesus Christ. 

We believe that the word of God had been prophesied to us, inspired by God, written down by disciples of Jesus Christ. The Christian Bible is like a cookbook for life. If you follow it, you can't go wrong.

We believe that the human nature is sinful and will never be perfect. But we can obtain perfection through righteousness justified by the price that was paid by Christ Jesus almost 2000 years ago.

For a detailed and deeper understanding of FNC believes, download a copy of our Statements of Faith PDF.

Christian Lifestyle

Once we realize that we are sinners that must be saved, submitting ourselves to God and his principles of faith and love that was taught to us by Jesus Christ, our lives become transformed. Our lives are born again, we enter a new era of light and life. 

This requires that we acknowledge we were wrong, or have sinned, and submit all of our life, habits, hang-ups, hurts and pains to God's healing power. Why don't you try it? Let his spirit come into your heart.

The Christian lifestyle is wonderful, pure, stable, full of love, faith and promises.

The Christian lifestyle is not just another life philosophy, but it is a way of life, connected with the creator of all things, the one that holds our future in his hands.


We love to express our joy and love for our Creator who loved us while we were yet sinners through music and dance. We believe in giving God our best and we love what we do. 

You will enjoy our expressions of love and if you have a talent we would love to hear from you!

We are a friendly Church

Jesus said:

'Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the great and foremost commandment. The second is like it, You shall love your neighbor as yourself.'

Love is an action word, you can't just say it, you have to show it!

Grow and Go

The beautiful thing about a life in Christ is that no matter who you are, where you come from, what you have been through, you are not stuck with the cards that you have been dealt with. 

Living for Christ means that you will grow and mature, life will change and improve. For some people the changes will be visible right away, for some it will take time. 

Remember, this life on earth is temporary, a preparation for eternity.

We are not here for just ourselves... Imagine God being a spiritual potter and you are the clay. He wants to make you into an ever more amazing, beautiful and loving being. And sometimes that means you need to be "worked at" which is never pleasant. Life is not perfect, never will be, but it's a process of continuing growth and maturity. 

We are not here for just ourselves. All this growing is also for the benefit of others, the whole world in fact. God wants all of his children to love each other, or at least get along. 

Spiritual growth is a fact of Christian living.