What to expect

Wednesday Mid Week Refresher, 7:00 pm

Wednesday night is a fun and casual time to get together and recharge our spiritual batteries. 

We share, we pray, we praise God with song, we pray, we study, we cry, we laugh, we encourage each other. 

There is really no standard format, we simply fellowship, syncing with the Holy Spirit and each other, seeking the will and principles of God, recharging our souls.

It's a perfect setting to recalibrate your spirit, make new friends and feel better about yourself!

Sunday Celebration, 11:00 am

Sunday Morning is a more traditional but casual get together, to celebrate our God, to encourage one another, bolster our faith and sing praises to God our creator.

We express our gratitude with expression of praise through contemporary music, dance and testimonies. 

Our pastor or another gifted speaker will share wisdoms from the word, both spoken and written.

The goal is to equip you with renewed strength, faith, friends, purpose and love for the service in God. 

Fellowship with light refreshments after the main service.